Who knew the business of tracking your activity could be so messy? TechCrunch reports that Jawbone is suing Fitbit in a California court over stolen secrets. The allegations claim Fitbit snatched up a few of Jawbone's employees, who reportedly stole some trade secrets on the way out. This gave Fitbit insider information—information of which the company wasn't supposed to have.

The two companies are on opposite sides of the spectrum at the moment. As Fitbit edges closer to an IPO, many believe Jawbone faces an uncertain future following a number of poorly received products. Having Jawbone's confidential documents would certainly give Fitbit an unfair advantage, further pushing Jawbone into the muck.

Fitbit has reportedly gained hold of nearly 90-percent of the fitness tracking market, according to NPD Group data. With such an immense piece of the piece, a lousy lawsuit will likely have zero effect on the company's marketshare. Then again, if Jawbone happens to win, it could paint Fitbit as an untrustworthy company.

If you can't trust a company that tracks your activity, who can you trust?