JavaScript Bootcamp

If you want a career in programming, you've gotta know JavaScript.  If you're not conversant in one of the most popular coding languages on the planet, you basically don't know how the engine that runs websites and apps on virtually every computer and mobile device works – and that's not a good look for any web pro.

So make sure you attain full Javascript mastery with this complete Frontend Javascript Bootcamp bundle of courses, now only $39 – 94% off – in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

Whether we're building sites or apps, these courses will get you up to speed on all the most useful frameworks and procedures, including:

Build Web Apps Using EmberJS: The Complete Course:  With Ember, you'll automatically be able to plug in critical backend programming features with a few keystrokes…understand how to use routes, templates, handlebars and more.

Learn to Build Web Apps Using D3JS:  D3 uses HTML, SVG and CSS to turn data into easily-manipulated visuals, greatly streamlining your programming. Learn this powerful tool.

Learn to Build Web Apps Using UnderscoreJS: Code Like a Pro:  Underscore helps you drop common utility functions into your project fully formed, leaving you time to focus on project needs rather than minutiae.

Learn to Program in BackboneJS: Code Like a Pro:  Understand Backbone, the popular framework that allows you to modify big programming bundles without updating every piece of "glue" code.  Cut your build time significantly with nifty time-saver.

Build Apps with ReactJS: The Complete Course:  React is the Facebook-created JavaScript library for building cool user interfaces that won't crash your site or app…master this helpful skill.

Learn Knockout JS Framework from GroundUp: Knockout is another JS library geared toward user interface, this time focused on cleaning up your data set.

Learn Facebook Flux Architecture for Web Applications:  Get in on Flux!  This still-emerging app architecture for cleaning up your build is already picking up popular support…so learn it now.

After processing this 34-hour package of coursework, you'll not only understand JavaScript, but how to take advantage of all the tips and shortcuts that'll cut down on build errors, not to mention build times.  At 94% off its regular $700 price, this is a learning bundle every serious programmer needs to consider.