Because the Predator is just not enough awesomeness, NeatherRealm Studios has reached out to score Jason Vorhees a role in the upcoming Mortal Kombat X as DLC.

Luckily for it, New Line Cinema, the production company of the most recent Friday the 13th movie, falls under the same Turner Warner umbrella, making a pretty easy swap and sell. Gotta love corporate America!

Jason Vorhees will be the highlight of the season pass called the "Kombat pack," which will sell for $29.99. The legendary slasher will also be joined by three other unannounced characters, and all four special editions will come with the pass included. Those with it will have early access to all DLC before it goes live to the public.

Of course, Freddy Kreuger turned up as Mortal Kombat 9's guest character, and the arrival of his eternal nemesis is sure to only feed into expectations for him to appear again! What other dream matches can we think up for this game? Predator vs Jason vs Freddy vs Scorpion. This could be a "nightmare come true" for any child of the 80s and early 90s!

In addition to Jason's announcement, though, NetherRealm Studios also confirmed that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions have been delayed until later in the summer and are under development at High Voltage Software. The PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC versions are still on scheduled for an April 14 release.

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