There's been this Star Wars theory going around, and it's taking the Internet by storm. The shocking part is that it has nothing to do with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and instead focuses on one of the universe's most loathed characters: Jar Jar Binks.

You know, that bumbling buffoon from the prequel trilogy, a character so dimwitted and hated that even mentioning his name will send longtime fans into a dizzying Hulk rage. And that voice? Ugh.

The theory basically boils down to this: Jar Jar Binks is a trained Force user and Sith collaborator, somehow clever enough to infiltrate the Jedi Council and convince the entire Galactic Senate to hand power over to Palpatine, who later becomes the master of Darth Vader. Jar Jar Binks is actually argued to be at the top of that chain as the master of Emperor Palpatine. Crazy, right? It can't be true. George Lucas isn't that smart.

Or is he?

The theory and the accompanying video is a stretch, but it does a pretty convincing job of arguing in Jar Jar's favor. All along everyone thought he was just a clumsy idiot unable to get out of his own way. But it turns out he might be one of the most powerful Sith Lords in all of the Star Wars universe. What do you guys think?