It’s not just the western world that’s given a warm welcome to the NES Classic. The Mini Famicom in Japan is selling like gangbusters, too.

In fact, Famitsu has it from Nintendo that the small console packing 30 classics has sold 262,961 units in its first four days at retail. Just like in the States, the mini console is exceedingly hard to find.

Nintendo recently offered a statement regarding the scarcity of the NES Classic in the west. They’re trying to meet demand through production and expect more hardware at retail in the weeks leading up until Christmas.

I’m not sure Nintendo expected the success of the NES Classic

Here in the States, getting an NES Classic is a nightmare. Most retail outlets have completely removed the listing page for the console. eBay has the system for hundreds and hundreds of dollars from scalpers. Nintendo says they’ll up production, but I’m not even sure that will be enough to satisfy all those Christmas lists.

The retro idea, the novel size, the plug and play nature. Everything about the NES Classic screamed instant success. At $60 a pop, one has to assume these are cheap to make. I find myself wondering if Nintendo thought the NES Classic was just a side distraction. It’s all a lot of folks around me are talking about, and I think most of us won’t be able to scoop one up before Christmas.