Game Center CX host Arino Shinya is still chugging along with his groundbreaking Japanese variety show, currently navigating through more retro gaming challenges than ever before and pushing the show through its 20th season.

Seriously, Game Center CX has been around for almost 15 years now! How ridiculous is that? And if you still haven't been exposed to Arino's glorious self-deprecating retro gaming program, you'd best remedy that by watching the video above.

Nintendo is sponsoring the latest retro gaming challenge, and it has challenged him with the mother-load of 90s gaming achievements. Yes, Arino is going after all 151 of the original Pokémon, playing on the Nintendo 3DS re-release of Pokémon Green. He is, indeed, gonna catch 'em all!

Arino's Pokémon adventure begins with a solid selection of Charmander and has already been chronicled in a half-an-hour episode uploaded onto Nintendo's Japanese YouTube page. Sadly, it does not yet have English subtitles, but it shouldn't take long for the television series' hardcore fanbase to get something ready for the non-Japanese speaking population.

And now for the obligatory sound off. Who here has already "caught 'em all?" Who's ahead of Arnino Shinya on the Pokémon curve and captured all 151 back in the day? *raises hand*