Scared Pokemon

We’ve seen some pretty impressive and offensive locations for Pokémon GO gyms, but relatively speaking, most a safe and easy to get to. A post office, a church, that statue at the end of your street. None of them require putting your life at stake to reach.

Others haven’t been so luckily placed. No point on Earth is going to be able to top the ones found in the Fukushima radiation zone, but this latest discovery doesn’t look like one you’ll be walking away from entirely intact either. As reported on by RocketNews24, a Japanese Pokémon GO trainer who goes by nao_halfway on Twitter went out seeking gyms to conquer in the countryside.

A single gym located on an island piqued his interest, and he headed in its direction.

Pokemon GO map

Looking up from his screen, this is what he found.

Oarai Isosaki Shrine

This happy little slice of Earth is called Oarai Isosaki Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture. A shrine on the mainland is where normal sojourners go to offer their prayers, but the gym itself is located at the gate standing on several rocks, constantly swarmed by violent waves.

nao_halfway explains in the Twitter post that no matter how close he got to the gym, he was unable to get close enough without putting himself in danger. He quipped he would have to start looking for switches in the garbage to open a path, referencing a common method of progress in JRPGs.

However, I’m just going to recommend that he brings along a his HM03 and a Pokémon who can learn Surf. Heh, nerd references. We love ’em!