We don’t do a lot of Destiny coverage in these parts, so when we do, it must be something worthwhile.

Western gaming audiences continue to be trapped in a state of pretension, demanding that games be more mentally stimulating and taken as a serious subject matter. Meanwhile, in Japan, the country has never lost sight of what games truly are: straight up fun.

This train of thought has let Japan go crazy with advertisements for products Western publishers take too seriously. Destiny is a perfect example. If you are tired of the glamour shots, “deep” storytelling, and constant reminder that this is mature entertainment for serious adults, then by all means, sit back and watch what Japan has to say about it.

I’m sure a lot of gamers can relate to the subject material as well. I mean, do your laundry or play video games… which are you going to choose?

Thank you, Japan. You know I love you so much. Destiny’s major expansion “The Taken King” will launch next week across all platforms.