I love it when I can merge my love for electronics and the country of Japan.  My adoration for both dates back to almost the exact same point in my life, so getting to indulge both at once always makes me a little bit happy.

While cruising some of my Japanese blog RSS feeds this afternoon, I cam across this Japanese commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab courtesy of Alafista.  While I may love the country of Japan, I only speak a handful of words, but I can tell you it features Ken Watanabe (Inception, Batman Begins) playing the human version of the Galaxy Tab.

From what I can gather, this woman clearly loves her Galaxy Tab more than the real man in her life, and she would quite happily walk off the Samsung tablet in a heartbeat over him.

As much as I may love Japan and its culture, I'm not quite sure I'll ever totally grasp their advertising thought process.

[via Alafista]