Mario Coins

Is the the downward spiral of the Japanese video game industry coming to an end? The tumbling market has taken some serious hits over the years, but if 2012 is any indication, things might actually be getting better.

Japanese magazine publisher Enterbrain is reporting that for the first time in five years, the video game industry has seen a 1.2 percent increase in sales, or roughly $4.6 billion.

Software sales alone also grew 1.2 percent, moving to $2.8 billion, but it is the hardware sales which are the most impressive, jumping 5 percent to about $1.8 billion. The report gives credit to the release of the Nintendo Wii U, the Nintendo 3DS remodeling and price cuts to the Sony's PlayStation Vita.

Hopefully, the release of the PlayStation 4 will also help reignite the stagnate marketplace in Japan. We would also like the next-generation Xbox to do the same, but we are not holding our collective breath.