Japanese research and news website Sirabee recently surveyed the country’s interest in the Nintendo Switch, and it has published its results. After surveying 1,400 people from ages 20 through 60, the team found that roughly 10.7 percent of the population, or roughly 12 million people, already have plans to buy Nintendo’s console.

Other information dug up by Sirabee shows that males are more interested in the Switch than females, and those who have paid money into smartphone games are much more likely to buy the console than those who haven’t.

How many workers will use the portable as an escape?

One of the strangest questions was caught on a follow-up survey, which was asked to those who were reportedly interested in the Switch. The idea of a Japanese “black company” is a company that exploits its workers through unpaid overtime and threats if they quit or underperform. Not exactly the best place to work for emotional support, but those who succeed there do very well financially in life.

When asked this question, roughly 1/3 of the people interested in buying a Switch replied that they work for a black company. It’s a strange correlation which could naturally play into the escape that the portable console can bring from a stressful professional life.

Nintendo’s first leap into the “quality life” industry could be the Switch itself.

Those who are interested in sports and athletics, the bottom question, are also interested in picking up the Switch. Roughly 1/3 of those interested in the console say they participate in sports