Super Smash Bros Pac-Man (2)

Warning, major spoiler for Super Smash Bros. if you are waiting to unlock all of the characters on your own.

I was wrong. I assumed that it would only take a day or two after the release of Super Smash Bros. for enthusiastic Japanese fans to reveal the final roster to the rest of the world. In fact, the entire reveal took place one day before the release of Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. The game goes live tomorrow, but early buyers have already confirmed a roster of 49 final characters.

The reveal falls in line with the leak from earlier this month with classic favorites like Ness, Ganondorf, Wario, and Jigglypuff making the cut without an official announcement. Yes, Earthbound fans. You can relax! Other secret characters include Dr. Mario, R.O.B., Baby Bowser, Falco, and Dark Pit.

See the entire roster below in the screen capture. That is Meta Knight covered up by the selection icon.

Super Smash Bros Roster

In addition to all the secret characters, the fans also report room for potential future downloadable characters. The Ice Climbers are the most noticeable absence, and I’d like to see them added eventually despite my burning hatred. Solid Snake is also not present, and Japanese gamers confirm that Konami’s copyright doesn’t appear anywhere in the credits. Lucas, Star Wolf, and Mewtwo are also previous characters who have failed to show up.

If this is indeed the final roster, who would you like to see added eventually? If we are going classic, there has to be a Belmont in there somewhere. Konami’s absence, though, would make that tough.

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