Japanese scientists are a crafty bunch, and this time, they’ve gone where no Wi-Fi users have gone before: They’ve managed to hit a new threshold in wireless Internet speeds using something called the T-ray band, a non traditional terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Ranging from 300 gigahertz to 3 terahertz bands, T-ray allowed the researchers to send data at 3 Gb per second, or 20 times faster than typical Wi-Fi. And at a shorter distance, T-ray could really blow your hair back: At 30 feet, it may even be possible to hit 100 Gb per second.

To reach the crazy fast speed, the Tokyo Institute of Technology used a tiny device that was all of 1-millimeters square.

Is this the future of Wi-Fi? Could be, with traditional lower frequencies getting ever crowded.

[via BBC]

EDIT: Post originally referred to gigabytes, but that should read gigabits (Gb). It has been corrected. Thanks to all who noted.