Andriasang has produced the Japanese hardware sales results for the week of 1/16/2012 through 1/22/2012. The numbers are, for most devices, lower than they were the week before.

Here are the sales fixtures with last week's numbers in parentheses:

Nintendo 3DS – 80,960 (100,668)
PlayStation 3 – 21,155 (30,332)
PSP – 17,181 (22,538)
PS Vita – 15,219 (18,361)
Wii – 10,173 (14,179)
Xbox 360 – 1,588 (1,519)
DSi LL – 1,200 (1,515)
PlayStation 2 – 903 (766) DSi – 822 (1,206)

We wouldn't fret too much about each unit's performance as this is a slow time for sales in just about every gaming market on earth.

Checking in at the lowest number since its December 17th, 2011 launch in Japan is the PlayStation Vita. Sony's newest portable hits a mark just above 15,000 units.

Despite the low and falling sales of the handheld device, Sony has indicated that they aren't concerned about the PS Vita's worldwide release this February. The company believes that the response in Japan has been mostly favorable. They further believe that the launch lineup for the western world will be much more appealing to those consumers and, therefore, lead to better sales.

We've said it before here, but the fate of the PS Vita in Japan may not be too brilliant until they land a great Japanese exclusive. Currently, the best selling game for the system is Hot Shots Golf 6; that title routinely checks in outside of the top 20 in the software sales charts. It's not exactly a game that would be a system seller in Japan like, say, a new Monster Hunter would.

Until the Japanese market sees a game like that, the PS Vita will probably continue to perform like it is now.

[via Andriasang]