The PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS each saw an increase in sales at Japanese retail between the previously reported week of 1/16/2012 through 1/22/2012 and the period listed below.

January is one of the worst months of the year, traditionally speaking, as far as gaming hardware sales go in Japan. While these numbers are low, they certainly aren't characteristic of the gaming industry's sales performance.

Here are the Japanese gaming hardware sales for the week of 1/23/2012 through 1/29/2012:

Nintendo 3DS – 84,789
PlayStation 3 – 22,924
PS Vita – 18,942
PSP – 16,008
Wii – 10,396
Xbox 360 –  1,235
DSi LL – 1,180
DSi – 738 PlayStation 2 – 713

The PS Vita, since launch, has been hit by low sales results. Its performance at retail isn't exactly banner, but Sony has gone on record as saying that they aren't worried. They believe their hardware has been received well and that sales will pick up.

For me, as I tend to make the argument nearly every time the PS Vita's sales performance comes up, it all comes down to the software launched for the system in Japan. Media Create, one of the data collection agencies that we get our Japanese gaming sales results from, always includes the top 50 games sold in addition to the hardware we report on. In that top 50, only one PS Vita title is listed.

みんなのGOLF 6 (or Hot Shots Golf 6, as it will be known in North America) is the only PS Vita game to crack the top 50 titles sold, and it checks in at 41 out of 50. Were it an RPG like, say, Monster Hunter, then we'd certainly see even stronger performance for Sony's newest handheld. Until that comes, expect more of the same in Japan.

For the rest of the world? We'll know once the PS Vita launches in North America on February 22nd (or February 15th for those that pre-ordered the early launch special). Will you be getting one?

Note: If you're wondering, the picture is of Todaiji in Nara, Japan.

[via Media Create]