I rewatched A.I. Artificial Intelligence not that long ago, and the whole time, I kept thinking that the idea of gadgets as vehicles of love was … well, creepy. Luckily for me, a little Jude Law goes a long way, and he helped smooth that over for me in the movie, but I still find the concept sort of ookie.

Now, there's a new item making the rounds recently, and it's no work of Hollywood, but a real-life team of researchers who have taken the tech-plus-affection thing rather literally. Scientists from Kajimoto Laboratory at Tokyo's University of Electro-Communications did what no one else dared (or perhaps wanted) to do — they created a "Kiss Transmission Device."

That's right. Now it's possible to send an actual kiss remotely. But it's not a chaste peck — this gizmo can actually send a french kiss. A plastic tube is hitched to a motor and computer terminal, and the sender's tongue moves the tube around. These movement are then translated, transmitted, and duplicated for a recipient who would feel the motions via another tube at their end.

Next on the menu? Transmitting breathing, taste and even moistness too. (I kid you not.)

There are many applications for something like this, and a few of them may not even be dirty. But if that's true, I can't even think of what those can be. If you can't either, please don't tell us about it. Just check out the vid, and prepare to be amazed — or maybe a little grossed out. Your choice.

[via Technologizer]