Typhoon Man-yi struck central Japan this weekend, lashing the country with winds of up to 100 mph. My own city of Kobe saw its streets turn into tiny rivers and an overflow of its major Nunobiki reservoir in the mountains. Most of the damage was localized further east near the larger cities of Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo, where flash flooding forced thousands to evacuate. Apparently, all the chaos and mayhem were not enough to discourage a few overly-dedicated Apple fans.

A handful of customers waiting outside the Apple store in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo refused to budge from their place in line, remaining solid in their conviction to be the first to get an iPhone 5s when it launches on Sept. 20.

As the winds picked up and mandatory evacuations began, the store manager finally came to the rescue at 7:30 a.m. and let the gentlemen take shelter from the rain and winds inside the Apple store despite it not being opened. Of course, they were guaranteed their spot in line and resumed waiting once the deadly storm passed at about 10:00 a.m.

Typhoon Man-yi is the third typhoon to hit Japan in two weeks, and only two more days remain until iPhone 5S and 5C are released through the country's three major carriers: SoftBank, KDDI au, and NTT DoCoMo. Since the storm passed, it's been nothing but clear skies and gloriously cool temperatures. I hope the guys outside the Apple store are appreciating the change in weather.