Nintendo has revealed a list of the most popular amiibo figurines in all three of its major regions: North America, Europe, and Japan. North America is still in love with The Legend of Zelda, and it shows with Link on top, and Europe is still making up for its lost childhood with little to no Mario games. However, it is Japan’s top three choices that are the most shocking.

Check out the full list below.

Nintendo amiibo

Yup, Splatoon has been nothing short of a phenomenon in Japan, bringing young gamers into the console’s userbase in ways that not even Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart could. The three don’t even crack the top ten in the States and only one does in Europe. Western Nintendo fans are clearly still stuck in nostalgia mode, buying up characters who got their start in the 90s and even 80s!

Splatoon is a sweet little multiplayer game, but that’s about all it is in the Western world. Just a fun experience among hundreds of others. It has hardly sparked the same revolution that it has in Japan, and I know this first hand because my students all ask me if I like it.

“What? Not Splatoon? You play Zelda? Isn’t that old?” Sorry kid, you get an F minus minus for the year.

Now the big N needs to figure out a way for Western Nintendo fans to embrace the future in the same way Japanese kids do. Lingering in the past has its benefits, but why not open the windows, breathe in the fresh air, and trying something new for a change? Heh, like I’m one to talk…