Super Mario 3D Happy Meal

McDonald's Happy Meals, or "Happy Sets" as they are called in Japan, are going to become the desire of every Nintendo and Mario fan for the next weeks.

Celebrating Nintendo and the infinite popularity of Mario and the gang, each of his most recent power-ups will receive its own special toy. The Penguin suit from New Super Mario Bros, the Boomerang suit from Super Mario 3D Land, and of course the classic Fire Power Mario from almost every game in the series.

Princess Peach also has a toy as well. Mario's doing some normal actions like hitting a block, going down a pipe, or clearing a stage via flagpole. Yoshi even makes a welcome surprise. Strange, considering this is the year of Luigi.

Don't feel too bad, though. They might look cool, but really, they are just as cheap and breakable as American Happy Meal toys. Has Mario appeared in Happy Meals recently in America? I can't remember since I've been in Japan, but he seemed everywhere in the late 1980s during Nintendomania.

With all this Mario hype, you'd expect that a fantastic new Mario game was being released this week or something. Oh wait! Be sure to check out our thoughts on Super Mario 3D World when it releases for the Wii U this week on the 22nd. Looks like it's going to be a good one.