With shows like the recent San Diego Comic-Con, we hear frequently about celebrities going incognito with some kind of identity-concealing costume. Usually it’s someone well known in the geek community – Mythbusters‘ Adam Savage, for example, is known for this.

The EVO fighting game tournament isn’t as typical a place as one would expect for this kind of thing, but that didn’t stop actress Jamie Lee Curtis from showing up in full costume as Street Fighter‘s masked villain Vega.

Curtis, best known for films like Halloween and Freaky Friday, had said in January that she would be taking her son, who graduated from high school this year, to a fighting game convention. In the interview she mentioned that she plays a lot of Street Fighter and prefers Cammy as her primary character. It looks like she made good on her promise, tweeting a selfie of her in costume and with Vega’s mask.

If this doesn’t put Curtis in the running for mother of the year, I don’t know what does.