We’ve been hearing since at least mid-2017 that a Spawn movie, based on Todd McFarlane’s extremely-90s comic-book anti-hero, was in pre-production. McFarlane himself is apparently directing it, and has been touting it as a Jaws-style monster movie where Spawn himself is the monster as seen through the eyes of a couple detectives. We’ve been wondering over and over if this is really happen, especially after seeing McFarlane compare the movie to Jaws over and over in countless interviews. Now we have our best indication that the movie is actually happening: Jamie Foxx will be starring in the Blumhouse-produced flick as the titular character.

This is kind of a wild turn of events for the movie. The film was only greenlit because McFarlane wanted to make it on a shoestring budget of around $10 to $12 million – hence Spawn being a background monster instead of stepping into the spotlight.

Foxx, though, is a big and very recognizable face, and seems to change the stakes considerably. Either Foxx’s screentime will be extremely limited, or that budget has to climb. The original report from Deadline says he’s starring, not making a cameo, so that seems to suggest an expanded role for Spawn, perhaps including even some scenes from his life before he went to hell and back.

Spawn is the creation of Todd McFarlane, who rose to fame in comics drawing characters like Spider-Man before breaking off to form Image Comics, for which Spawn was a headlining title. Spawn was one of the most popular comics in the 1990s, with its popularity culminating in a poorly-received live-action film starring Michael Jai White. Spawn is the story of a former black ops agent named Al Simmons, assassinated after questioning the morals of his work. Simmons was sent to hell for the deaths of innocents at his hand and begged a demon called Malebolgia for a chance to see his wife one last time. When Simmons woke up, he found himself in a living costume, with barely any memories of his life, and would eventually find himself in the middle of a war between heaven and hell. The movie seems to be keeping things simple and not worrying about the big picture, but this addition of Jamie Foxx has us intrigued about where the story might go.

Spawn doesn’t have a release date or time frame, but you can guess based on this news that things are still pretty early.