James Bond is still the top film, but the latest film is never going to catch Skyfall.

1. Spectre

James Bond is back, but it appears he has lost some of his magic since Skyfall. While Spectre still took in a very respectable $35.4M in its second weekend in the U.S., it is trailing Skyfall by $30M at this point in its run. That being said, the film stands at $349.92M globally off of a $245M budget – although some reports peg it higher – so it’s still in good shape if not in profit yet.

2. The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie had a strong second weekend losing only 45.3 percent from its opening weekend to take in $24.2M for a new domestic total of $82.48M off of a $99M budget. The key here will be how much hold it has at the box office in the coming weeks.

3. Love the Coopers

Love the Coopers took in $8.4M in its opening weekend off a reported budget of $17M. However, it is being killed by critics, so it probably won’t do much more.

4. The Martian

The Martian slipped into fourth place with $6.72M for a new domestic total of $207.4M off of its $108M budget. Globally it stands at $477.87M.

5. The 33

The 33, based on the Chilean miner crisis of a few years ago, landed in fifth place with $5.84M. It now stands at $18.5M off of its $24M budget.