Jakks Pacific had numerous products to show off this year, but it’s clear that The Incredibles 2 toy line will be its main push.

The company had a lot of great products for the highly anticipated sequel, but the hit of the booth was clearly the “Power Couple” set. My. Incredible can throw the included Elastigirl up to 20 feet… or so they say. As I had to step out of the way of a flying Elastigirl at one point, I would say I was easily over 30 feet away.

The Jack-Jack Attacks doll also won over some folks for its size and just being so darn cute.

Other highlights from the Jakks Pacific booth included some remote controlled Black Panther items, and the DC Superhero Girls figures and dolls were quite eye-catching.

Mega Man and Mario were also getting some love at the show. Much to our surprise, the Mario Kart racer wheels can also turn and go into anti-grav mode. It won’t fly, mind you, but it’s still pretty darn awesome.

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