Before deciding to tackle the apocalyptic survivor genre with The Last of Us, Uncharted developer Naughty Dog originally considered reviving an old fan-favorite franchise: Jak and Daxter.

Fans haven't seen an entry in the main line Jak and Daxter series from Naughty Dog since Jak 3 in 2004. Folks have been clamoring for it, and diehards have been sharing their opinions with the folks at Naughty Dog.

In the most recent issue of GameInformer, as reported by VG247, Naughty Dog's Evan Wells addresses the fact that the team had considered moving on to a new Jak and Daxter before leaping towards The Last of Us.

"We'd all talked about it in interviews with fans asking, 'Where's the next Jak & Daxter?' I don't know if this is going to make them happy or sad, but we did explore the idea fairly extensively…Something that we talked about early on was, 'Lets go back and apply what we've learned with the Uncharted games to Jak & Daxter.' It's one of the franchises that's near and dear to us, and, in all honesty, we'd like to somehow honour."

Wells explains that the team felt like they weren't going to be able to do a proper follow-up to their efforts with Jak and Daxter. He said that developing the game fans don't want would be a "disservice" to everybody. So, they looked towards the future and the future held The Last of Us.

Wells went on to say that maybe the Uncharted team would move on to Jak and Daxter next, but that he wouldn't count on it.

As a fan of both Naughty Dog and their recent work, I'd much rather see the studio focused on as few properties as possible. It would be great to see a new Jak and Daxter, absolutely, but I'd be happier if Naughty Dog continued to work on The Last of Us exclusively and make it their best game yet.

[via VG247]