Electric cars are only starting to hit their stride in terms of design. Before Tesla truly pushed the line of design innovation, most EVs and hybrids were quite honestly horrid to look at. That’s changed now, and Jaguar is taking it one step further with its E-type Zero concept, which looks like something James Bond would drive.

Donning the same body chassis of the classic E-Type, it’s a treat to look at. Jaguar’s main intent with the E-Type Zero is to appeal to audiences with a fondness of vintage products. Strapping an efficient and modern electric engine inside a classic body is a perfect way to combine the past with the future.

Jaguar is already making the move to fully embrace EV technology with a goal of making every new Jaguar and Land Rover model either all-electric or hybrid by 2020. The E-Type Zero concept is the cherry on top of that mission.

Gone is the gas engine and in its place is an electric powertrain that produces 200kW of power and jumps from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds. That won’t break any speed records, but again, the E-Type Zero is all about sophistication.

Jaguar’s electric roadster concept is capable of 207 kilometers, or just under 170 miles per hour. That’s powered by a 40kWh battery.

It is unclear at this point if the E-Type Zero concept will ever make it to mass production. Concepts can either go one of two ways: they are either enhanced with real-world usage in mind and enter production a few years down the road, or they fade into oblivion. Hopefully, Jaguar sticks with this one and sees it through because it’s a gorgeous car we’d like to see on the road.

But chief of Jaguar Land Rover Classic Tim Hannig wasn’t ready to give any concrete answers regarding the E-Type Zero’s future, providing a statement that said the concept was about “future-proof[ing] classic car[s].”

Other improvements that are being made to the concept include a new digital instrument cluster, touch center console display, revamped interior with luxury finishes and upgraded LED head and tail lights.

One of the better details Jaguar brought back was the thin circular steering wheel that is a true throwback to the past.

If you are around London, you can check out the concept for yourself at JBL Tech Fest. Just in case you’re not, you can see the E-Type Zero concept in all of its gory in the gallery down below.