Since debuting at the L.A. Auto Show in November 2016, Jaguar has been endlessly teasing us with its gorgeous EV concept, the I-PACE. Its first electric vehicle, one it hopes will disrupt the EV market, is a crossover SUV that looks absolutely stunning. Up until now, the I-PACE was just pie in the sky, but today, that dream became a reality.

Jaguar took the wraps off the production model of the I-PACE on Thursday, revealing the variant you can buy right now.

Not much has changed in terms of design. Director of Design Ian Cullen stated Jaguar made a concept car. That’s welcome news, because the car is already quite appealing. Cullen did reveal the genesis for the design: it was all about the battery.

The I-PACE was designed completely around the battery. Other car makers usually just cram in the battery into an existing design, but Jaguar wanted do something different. This allowed the car’s design to be trimmed down to something much sleeker, unlike the albatross that is the Model X, making the battery a structural part of the car’s frame.

Speaking of the battery, it is a 90kWh battery that will deliver 240 miles of range. Jaguar revealed the battery comprises of 432 individual battery cells. It will be able to charge up to 80-percent in 45 minutes via a DC 100kWh charger. That’s great and all, but most people will still charge via standard AC 7kWh charging at home, which will top off the car in 12.9 hours.

The I-PACE is outfitted with dual-motors for all wheel drive: one is in the front axle and the second is in the back axle. This will deliver 394 horsepower, 512-foot pound of torque, a top speed of 124 miles per hour and a 0 to 60 mph time of 4.5 seconds. Jaguar is so proud of this fact, it compared it to Tesla’s Model X in a 0 to 60 race. After all, this is the car the I-PACE is gunning for.

The object of the race was to reach 60 miles per hour and come to a standstill position as quickly as possible. Jaguar put the I-PACE against Tesla’s Model X (75D and 100D variants) and it handily beat the two versions by half a car length. Unfortunately, Jaguar did not put the I-PACE against Tesla’s best: the P100D. That’s probably because the I-PACE would have most assuredly lost, but it’s still something we wanted to see.

Jaguar did not announce any specifications regarding autonomous driving, but sources inside Jaguar told TechnoBuffalo that the I-PACE has been outfitted with the sensors to deliver a similar autonomous experience like the one found in Tesla’s Auto Pilot 1.0. It’s still unclear if the feature will be unlocked in the future with an over-the-air update.

During the keynote, Jaguar announced Alexa integration for the I-PACE. In a demo, it asked an Echo Dot what the charge capacity for the I-PACE was, and she responded in kind with the proper percentage. This type of functionality is something that will appeal to a lot of customers as the rise of smart home speakers has made giant strides in the past couple years.

Inside, the car comes with a standard array of gigantic displays that look amazing in the images Jaguar released. Unfortunately, the I-PACE does not support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The licensing fee for these services wasn’t justified for a car that will fall in the niche category, at least for the time being, our Jaguar sources said.

Jaguar did say the car will come with Spotify integration and will be able to read aloud incoming text messages, even displaying them in the available heads up display (HUD).

Would-be customers can buy the I-PACE now, but Jaguar did not disclose when these customers can expect to receive their I-PACE or how much they will have to pay. Luckily, retailers are taking orders and the U.K. price was revealed. Here’s how they break down for three trims:

  • Jaguar I-PACE S: £63,495 (converts to $87,000)
  • Jaguar I-PACE SE: £69,495 ($95,400)
  • Jaguar I-PACE HSE: £74,495 ($102,200)

That does not bode well for U.S. customers, but the conversion is usually quite different. When imported, the price should be reduced by a significant margin.

Our sources did say the first I-PACE cars will be delivered in Europe followed by California in the U.S.

The main takeaway from the event is that the I-PACE is a very enticing vehicle for people in the market for luxury EVs. It is comparable to the Model X, a car that has long dominated EV SUVs, yet it offers a design that’s much more practical. It’ll be easier to make the comparison when Jaguar reveals the price and availability, but even without it, the I-PACE looks like an impressive car.

Jaguar will display the I-PACE at the Geneva Auto Show starting March 6. As more information is revealed, such as pricing and availability, we’ll be sure to pass it along.