Jaguar Land Rover is launching a new feature inside of its cars that allows drivers to pay for gas without ever stepping out of the car, or even rolling down the window. Now, a driver simply needs to navigate to a special app on the car’s in-dash display to pay for fuel. It only works with one gas station, Shell, but it’s the first in-car payment system of its type.

Jaguar Land Rover said customers will find the new system in model year updates for the F-Pace, Jaguar XF and Jaguar XE. The system supports Apple Pay or PayPal, though support for Android Pay will launch later this year, too. You might wonder why this is a big deal. After all, it’s not hard to swipe a card at a gas station, or simply hand one to the gas-station attendant.

Jaguar Land Rover says it imagines parents being able to pay without having to step out of a vehicle and leaving a child unattended in the back seat. In other use-cases outside of gas stations, the company imagines drivers being able to pay for parking without visiting a parking pay station, or for a meal at a fast-food restaurant without trying to hand cash over to an attendant.

UK to start

While the Shell app is only in the select aforementioned vehicles right now, Jaguar says it plans to bring it to its entire Jaguar and Land Rover ranges eventually. It’s also only launching in the UK to start, but Jaguar says it will soon roll out to its cars around the globe. Anything that keeps the heat inside my car during our freezing cold east coast winters is cool by me, I hope other automakers follow suit.

Of course, if this goes global, gas stations without attendants will still require people to step out and pump their own gas.