Last week, Jaguar held a glamorous event to unveil its first ever all-electric vehicle: the I-PACE. The event was filled with pomp and frills, and justifiably so; the future of EVs is very important. The I-PACE ensures Jaguar will have a chance at taking a big slice of the lucrative pie.

Although Jaguar made the vehicle official, it kept some details under wraps. But because we don’t like waiting around for answers, we managed to snag a copy of the official Jaguar I-PACE dealer guide, which sheds some light on very important information.

Jaguar didn’t talk about the official release of the I-PACE, saying it would arrive in the second half of 2018, but the dealer guide provides more details on the launch timing. Production for the I-PACE models will begin in June at Jaguar’s plant in Graz, Austria, with sales to start later this summer.

It’s worth nothing that Jaguar’s launch time of the second half of 2018 is just an estimate. The timeframe may be pushed back if complications arise. For now, Jaguar is allowing consumers to pre-order the SUV.

The dealer guide also highlights the SUVs Jaguar believes the I-PACE will compete against. Among them are the Porsche Macan and Audi Q5, specifically because competition will first come from gasoline SUVs before EV SUVs become more of the standard. Most will look to Tesla’s Model X as the main competitor to the I-PACE, but size-wise, they are in completely different segments.

Here’s how size of the three SUV’s break down (in inches):

  • Jaguar I-PACE: length – 184.6, height – 61.3, width – 84.2, wheelbase – 117.7
  • Porsche Macan: length – 184.9, height – 63.9, width – 82.6, wheelbase – 110.5
  • Audi Q5: length – 183.6, height – 65.2, width – 84.3, wheelbase – 111.0

The I-PACE offers nearly identical length to the Porsche Macan while coming in 2.6 inches shorter in height.

During the announcement, Jaguar stated it designed the I-PACE’s chassis around the battery. Internally, it revealed the design was inspired from its gorgeous C-X75 supercar coupe concept we saw a few years back. Here’s how Jaguar describes the design:

The I-PACE exhibits the cabin-forward design of a mid-engine supercar, but allows for maximized interior space for both passengers and their cargo. Purposefully aerodynamic, all of the exterior design details that make up for the I-PACE follow an ethos of aerodynamic function and flow-enhanced design, creating a vehicle that is a bold and beautiful statement for the future of Jaguar.

Another aspect Jaguar kept mum on was driver assist systems. The I-PACE is outfitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and many of its features come as standard, although there are some optional packages.

Standard ADAS features include lane keep assist, clear exit monitoring, park assist and rear traffic monitoring. The Drive Pack adds blind spot assist, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, and high-speed emergency braking.

The only thing Jaguar did not specifically address in the dealer guide is pricing. After the event last week, the U.K. pricing was revealed (beginning at £63,495), but it tends to differ from the U.S. variants. Jaguar will continue to show off the I-PACE at the Geneva Auto Show. As more details become available, such as pricing, we’ll cover them accordingly.

UPDATE: Jaguar has announced a starting price of $69.500 in the U.S.