Jaguar C-X75-4

We all want a faster car, but Jaguar is taking it even further than any of us ever dreamed of with its C-X75. The British carmaker has developed a system that will allow the supercar to be powered by two 95HP turbine engines. That’s right, jet engines. Furthermore, the turbines will be combined with four electric motors at each wheel. This translates to the C-X75 going from 0-60 in about three seconds.

Also, the turbine engines need no water-cooling or lubrication, making them very advantageous from an engineering standpoint. This will allow the car to get about 560 miles to a tank of gas. As cool as the technology is, only a few of the C-X75s will actually be equipped with the Turbines made by Bladon Jets Engineering. The cars are expected to land in 2015 with an unknown selling price (our guess is a lot). Did we mention the car looks really cool?

What do you think? Will turbines be the future of supercars? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via: AutoExpress]