Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond is assuredly best known as one of the key producers for the Assassin's Creed franchise. Her work with Ubisoft Montreal helped bring the series into existence and, eventually, up to the forefront of AAA gaming

Raymond is done with Ubisoft, a move that occurred late last year, and she's formed her own studio below the EA umbrella. That studio is Motive, and her team will work closely with both BioWare and Visceral.

Raymond announced that Motive will incubate entirely new IP as well as have the opportunity to take on some pretty exceptional projects. First up? Motive will work with Visceral and former Naughty Dog dev Amy Hennig on the upcoming Star Wars title.

Hennig briefly mentioned this herself on Twitter.

EA has some exceptional talent on their hands right now. Hennig came from Naughty Dog, now Raymond coming from Ubisoft. Both devs have enough clout to pull in major talent, too, so we could see a huge upswing in quality from EA in the coming years.

That's good news for gaming, too.