I still think of Jackie Chan as the guy in movies like Rumble in the Bronx and Drunken Master 2. He’s a martial arts master and a skilled stuntman, but his movies, at least as far as American audiences are concerned, have fallen mostly under the category of “fun.” The Foreigner, however, definitely isn’t fun, as demonstrated by this second trailer for the movie.

The story is adapted from the Stephen Leather novel The Chinaman (yeah, I’m glad they changed that for the movie), and has Jackie Chan in full-on revenge mode. After losing his daughter in a terrorist attack, Chan’s character is looking for answers.

Those flavors

A good whiff of the trailer reveals a strong element of Taken, and notes of movies like First BloodJohn Wick, and more. It’s a shift for Chan, and one I can’t wait to see him take. The movie is directed by Martin Campbell, reunited with Pierce Brosnan, who he directed in Goldeneye. Oh, and Cliff Martinez, who scored movies like Drive and Traffic, is handling the score.

The Foreigner hits theaters a month from now on October 13.