Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas is finally making his overdue debut in Disney Infinity. The Pumpkin King’s figurine will be on sale exclusively at GameStop from tomorrow, Oct. 5, for $13.99. Its GameStop debut comes before being on sale at other retailers on October 29th, just in time for Halloween.

In game, Jack Skellington launches exploding Jack-o-Lanterns at his enemies and shrieks and shrills them away with his ghastly voice. He does not come with a play set, but we believe the character is cool enough on his own to warrant a purchase. Plus a Toy Box version of Halloween Town should provide plenty of antics for his mischief.

Disney Infinity features not one, but two Jacks, and we have a hard time deciding which one trumps the other on the awesome scale: Jack Sparrow or Jack Skellington? They’ve both popped up in Kingdom Hearts, so let’s see how they stack up in Disney’s own video game.