Through college, I fell in love with shonen focused anime. That is, the stuff coming from the weekly manga in Japan being turned into anime. I loved it. NarutoOne PieceDragon Ball. It was good stuff, and it’s a lot of fun to geek out about it.

At that time, two separate games released for the Nintendo 3DS by Namco Bandai. That was their name then. These games, Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, didn’t release outside of Japan.

So, I imported them. I played the ever-loving crap out of both games, soaking myself in the awesomeness of building teams of One Piece characters and battling the entire Weekly Shonen Jump roster of characters. It’s nerd-tastic, and the game was fun.

J-Stars Victory VS+ is the next iteration in that series. The original game, which carries the same title without the + symbol at the end, released only in Japan. Now, the enhanced version is making it in regions outside of Bandai Namco’s home territory.

I had a chance to go hands-on with the game in a single bout here at E3, and I quite enjoyed the combat more than I thought I would. Now, it doesn’t carry the same charming art style as Jump Ultimate Stars and its predecessor, but it does deliver a 3D world that looks good enough on the PlayStation 4.

I selected Luffy as my fighter and set the computer opponent to Goku. I let our teammates be chosen at random. This game pits three fighters against three fighters in a fairly large open space with destructible objects. We battled in the village setting from Naruto.

The combat here provided fairly simple combos and a special system that wasn’t tough to figure out at all. Heavy attacks, light attacks and special buttons make up the majority of the fighting. Leaping into the are and trying combos results in, at least in Luffy’s case, a really lengthy series of rubber fisted and footed punches and kicks.

I destroyed Goku, by the way. I’ll assume that’s because the difficulty for this demo was pushed way down for my enjoyment. Thanks, Bandai Namco.

I’m not necessarily excited for this game because of the complexity of its fighting mechanics. That didn’t really seem to be the focus here in this anime and manga nerd fantasy. Instead, I’m excited for J-Stars Victory VS+ because of the ability to pit crazy characters against one another.

It was a fun bout, that’s for sure, and the game will likely find its way into my PlayStation 4 this summer. J-Stars Victory VS+ will sell for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PlayStation 3 on June 30, 2015.