Mobile photography is incredibly important in today's market, and devices today are becoming more and more powerful each year; we see improvements from all the major companies, too, and the next generation of gadgets promise to be even better.

For Apple, the company's iPhone 5s is among the top mobile shooters—Apple's iPhone has been the most popular camera on Flickr for awhile now. But the device is still limited in how you can take pictures, which is where a gadget like the iZZi SLIM comes in. Similar to the iZZI Orbit Pro, the SLIM offers four different lenses in a single case, including a Macro, Fisheye, Wide-angle and 2x Telephoto. Each one promises to up your iPhone game, giving owners some great flexibility for different scenes.

Available for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the iZZi Slim comes with four interchangeable lenses, making it easier than ever to flex your inner photographer. We've been using the case for the last few weeks, and absolutely love the images produced by the different glass; the rotating spindle is simple to use, and the different attachments mean you can get the exact shot you want without compromise. Want a nice closeup of your dog's nose? Change to the macro lens. Want to capture the beauty of the California coast? Wide-angle should do just fine.

The same things we loved in our last review we love about the SLIM, and the smaller footprint means your device is slightly more portable than if you used the Orbit Pro. The SLIM is cheaper as well, at $99, and comes in both black and white. If you take a lot of photos with your iPhone, something like the iZZi Slim is a nice little accessory to have with you. The iPhone camera produces some great results, but the SLIM brings that quality to a whole new level.

To get our full thoughts on the SLIM, check out the video above.

4 out of 5