If you were hoping to buy an iWatch soon, you may find yourself waiting a bit longer. A new rumor – and we really do mean rumor – coming from DigiTimes suggests that Apple has picked out a supply partner for the iWatch display, a company called TPK, while a separate report from the China Times suggests TPK will begin mass producing the AMOLED displays required for the watch in the second half of this year. If that’s the case, we probably won’t see the watch hit the market until closer to the 2014 holiday season.

China Times also said that TPK is providing flexible AMOLED panels for the iWatch, which is on a par with some rumors, though differs from others that Apple will launch the watch with two display sizes. Presumably, a flexible panel would result in an iWatch that looks more akin to the concept that you see above with a single display that stretches along a user’s wrist. China Times also mentioned 3D protective glass, which is not to be confused with a 3D display panel.

We really don’t know what to think of this rumor. The report doesn’t say what company is supplying the glass, but we know Apple has plans to make its own sapphire out of its Arizona plant. Whether or not that ends up on the iWatch to cover a flexible AMOLED screen provided by TPK is a totally different story.