A new report from The China Times claims early production for the rumored iWatch recently kicked off, supporting rumors that the smartwatch could launch this fall. The article, which cites anonymous sources in Apple’s supply chain, also claims the device will use a different type of processor chip for “miniaturization purposes.”

The iWatch CPU will reportedly use system-in-package modules (SiPs) instead of the standard printed circuit boards (PCBs), allowing Apple to pack multiple sensors inside a single chipset. If this rumor proves true the iWatch could come in a much smaller size compared to bulky entries from Samsung and other competitors. The inclusion of sensors in the device also suggests it could work closely with Apple’s upcoming Healthbook app, which leaked earlier this year.

Apple’s rumored smartwatch is expected to feature a curved display, possibly provided by LG. We still don’t know very much about the iWatch, but with production allegedly heating up it’s possible we’ll start seeing leaked parts and photos turn up in the near future. Until then we’ll be keeping an eye out for any more news.