When will the iWatch launch? Glad you asked, because it's starting to look more and more like this fall, or October more specifically. A report early Friday from Nikkei named October as a plausible launch month and now a second report from Re/Code says that yes, October is indeed Apple's planned launch month for the iWatch.

The news outlet said that right now the launch is tentative, which means it could change, but Apple is planning to make a big deal out of the launch – as it should – with a "special event." We imagine it will be a press conference where Apple and its partners will discuss the device in addition to new software that works with it using Apple's new HealthKit platform, revealed earlier this week during WWDC 2014 with the firm's Health iOS 8 application.

The iWatch will no doubt tap right into Health to keep you abreast of real-time health data. Earlier today Nikkei said it will ship with an OLED display and may feature sensors that monitor blood glucose and oxygen, in addition to standard fitness activity tracking like steps walked, calories burned and more.

Apple has been talking a big game this year so far, but we haven't been treated to any brand new hardware just yet. With the iPhone 6 expected in September and the iWatch following a month later, Apple seems to have a busy second half of the year on tap.