All eyes are on Apple this year following a promise that the company will enter new product categories. At the very least, most pundits hope and believe that Apple will enter the wearable market in some fashion, likely through the introduction of the iWatch. The device has been said to run a form of iOS and, according to recent rumors, will work with a new Healthbook application inside iOS 8. The million dollar question: what will it look like? We don’t know, but we’ve seen a lot of artistic concepts. Today we’re treated with a new one, and it’s our favorite yet.

Created by FuseChicken, the concept video above (and gallery below), imagines a device with a curved glass screen, possibly sapphire, and a plastic or rubber wristband. That’s a bit different from another concept that showed a flat glass display and a choice between leather or plastic wristbands. The video teases that the iWatch will provide “your schedule on your wrist,” “your contacts on your wrist,” “your music on your wrist,” and, of course, your health and fitness on your wrist.

We don’t see how Healthbook might work, but if you look close the artist imagines the app showing your heart rate, the number of steps you’ve taken, how long you slept and how many calories you’ve consumed. Apple is reportedly working to implement sensors to keep track of all of that data and more, of course we don’t know how it will look just yet. A recent concept shot of the iOS 8 Healthbook app was apparently on the right track, so presumably the data displayed here isn’t too far off.

The concept artist imagines other features, too, like glucose and blood oxygen monitoring and much more. Of course, it’s easy enough to create a laundry-list of features in a video that doesn’t show an actual product – some probably won’t appear, like solar charging – but Apple seems to have been making enough hires that anything is in the realm of possibility. One obstacle, however, as noted by 9to5Mac not too long ago, is whether or not Apple really wants to jump through FDA approval to get this on the market.

Still, this is probably the best looking iWatch concept we’ve seen to date. Apple may have something entirely different planned, possibly something much more practical to mass produce, but hopefully we’re in for a real treat. Here’s the concept gallery from FuseChicken:

And for comparison, here’s another iWatch concept gallery:

And here’s one more: