Many iTunes/App Store users in the U.S. are experiencing failures right now, from podcasts to app downloads. Apparently, several users with iTunes 10.2.1 and seem to be affected, though I don’t seem to have the podcast issue on my devices nor via the desktop program. But others are reporting that clicking on the “Podcasts” tab yields an error message stating “not enough memory available,” stranding people on the iTunes homepage.

App downloads are a different story. While those still work fine on my iOS devices, downloads from the App Store via my desktop iTunes seems to be borked. (I’m on iTunes I get the following error message:


Reports keep coming in, with some users having issues with all manner of “iTunesyness,” including music, movies, TV shows and other content. So far, this seems to be happening sporadically to random users across the country.

So what could be happening? Well, a lot of security breaches have been occurring lately. Also, Apple‘s WorldWide Developers Conference is next week, and who knows what the company might be doing behind the scenes to prep for that. Or it could just possibly be a run-of-the-mill glitch, one that that the brainiacs at Cupertino are working hard to resolve.

Got any theories? And if you’re having iTunes/App Store problems, which set of glitches are you experiencing? Comment below.

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