itunes radio twitter music

Apple's incoming iTunes Radio music streaming service creates playlists based on your taste and interests, but what if you can't decide what to listen to? That's where the company's partnership with Twitter comes in, offering up a dedicated Twitter #Music station that will suggest trending tracks based on what the rest of the world is playing.

The new partnership is still officially unconfirmed, but the appearance of a dedicated Twitter #Music station in photos (above) of the new app on Apple's website suggests the social media site will be featured prominently in Apple's new app. Sandwiched between "Music Heard at WWDC" and "Pop Hits Summer Songs," a dedicated "Trending on Twitter" station appears in one stock photo of the new streaming service.

Twitter's music service will likely make iTunes's Radio a stronger service, but Apple may just be Twitter #Music's saving grace. The well-designed app has struggled to gain traction, trailing at number 83 on the top 100 free music apps for iOS, but with Apple's help it may get a second wind.