Most of the time Apple Music works just fine, but it’s far from perfect. Now, with Cupertino poised to expand the service beyond its own devices, the company is admitting that it still has plenty of work to do.

Speaking to The Guardian, Apple’s iTunes international chief Oliver Schusser noted that the company has a “bit of homework” when it comes to cleaning up the music streaming app. That includes the service’s Connect feature, which lets you follow your favorite musicians, along with syncing issues that have ruined some people’s carefully curated libraries.

“There’s a lot of work going into making the product better, ” he said. “Our focus is on editorial and playlists, and obviously we have teams all around the world working on that, but we’re also adding features and cleaning up certain things.” Hopefully that includes both the ability to make and share playlists. Neither of those features is particularly easy in Apple Music, especially compared to competing services like Spotify.

Schusser added that Apple Music is still set to launch on Android and Sonos devices this fall. It’s possible Cupertino could spend some of its September 9 event talking about the service and its plans for expansion, though we’re already expecting a ton of news at the press conference next week. Apple Music hopefuls may have to wait a bit longer for these promised improvements.