After two years and 49 days, the Apple App Store has passed the milestone of a quarter million apps available for download. (this does not count regional apps available outside of the United States only.) was the site to discover this news on Friday and they released a handy chart to show you how the various categories break down percentage wise.  (click image for a larger view)

App Store Makeup

The number of developers has also taken a jump with the number of companies or individuals with apps in the store has now grown to 50,304.

The only thing that was really surprising in all this information about the size of the store came from Royal Pingdom that found the number of free apps in the App Store has fallen to 30 percent, while the Android Market currently sees 65 percent of it apps being available for free.

While all of this is nice, finding apps on the App Store has become a bit of a headache as the number has grown.  No matter how you filter certain categories like music, you still get thousands to flip through, and it simply becomes overwhelming.  With the App Store not showing any signs of its growth slowing down, it sure seems like it might be a good time for Apple to add more sub-categories to some of the bigger categories like it has with Games.

Expect something more formal to be said on Sept. 1st at the Apple event.