Apple Music launched this week and, with it, Apple also released iTunes 12.2 and iOS 8.4, both of which offer support for the company's new Apple Music streaming service. You might not want to update to iTunes 12.2 just yet, though, especially if you have a massive library of tunes.

While we haven't noticed this bug on our end, there are numerous reports that suggest iTunes 12.2 is scrambling huge music libraries owned by iTunes users. One Mashable reporter said that iTunes is now showing random collections of albums with tunes from other artists, album artwork is mixed up beyond recognition and more. "Arctic Monkeys' album art is displayed while Elliot Smith is listed as the artist," the report said. "Meanwhile, when I clicked on The Beatles' "And Your Bird Can Sing," an Arctic Monkeys song played."

Worse, it appears that, since Apple requires you to use the iCloud Music Library with Apple Music, songs are being duplicated in some instances and libraries of saved music are shifting from their original places on computers to other folders. Mashable said right now the only fix appears to be deleting all of your music — even the music you already own — and relying purely on Apple Music. That means you'll have nothing if you decide to stop paying, however.

Apple hasn't commented on the problem and, again, we haven't seen it on our end. You should certainly be aware of the issue before you update to iTunes 12.2 and use Apple Music, however. We hope a fix is issued soon.