Social networking is all the rage these days, and it seems that this hasn’t escaped the notice of Apple.  While it may seem an odd fit at first glance, the company is adding social networking to its omnipresent iTunes music software with version 10 releasing today.

iTunes 10 LogoThe new social network built into to iTunes is called Ping.  You’ll be able to see what your friends are listening to, make recommendations and is going to be used for “social music discovery”.  You’ll be able to control who follows you by setting up a “Circle of Friends” so you control who follows you, or you can allow anyone to follow you.  There was a big emphasis put on the simplicity of the privacy controls, an obvious swipe at all of the concerns users have had over Facebook as of late.

Events such as concerts will be built into the network so that you can easily mark which ones you plan to attend, and then your friends will be able to see them also.  Others can then leave comments about the fact they are attending so that you can set up being able to meet each other at the venue.

Want to go mobile?  The iTunes app on the iPhone and iPod Touch will keep you up-to-date on the go as well, so you will always be in touch with your friends to see what is going on.  So, if you’ve left home, can’t remember where you’re meeting someone, not a problem.  Of course, if you are using an iPod Touch this will require Wi-Fi, so it almost makes you wonder if we may see apps for Android phones and other devices, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath for those.

All-in-all, an interesting new offering from Apple, but you have to wonder what the folks at Facebook HQ are saying right about now.

What say you?  Are you excited for iTunes to go social?