Do you know the McCar? It may sound like the result of a fast food chain’s overly creative product development team, but it’s actually a new hybrid automobile from Geely (the Chinese company that owns Volvo).

Built for the Shanghai Motor Show, the super compact McCar somehow manages to stash a companion three-wheeled scooter in the back. It was engineered to solve a universal problem: Getting to your destination from a parking spot a long ways off. If you’ve ever arrived a little late to a sold-out concert or attempted to shop the mall during the holidays, you know this long hike. With the McCar, you can just pop out the scooter and ride on over there. (Where you put it once you arrive, well that’s another matter.)


By the end of 2012, the company plans to release a hybrid model (8kWh) and a fully electric version (12kWh). The former can reach a top speed of 80mph and charges in two hours (with 31 miles on electric, 373 miles via gas). The latter can achieve a top speed of 52mph and fully charges in six hours (with 93 miles per charge). The scooter will charge in 2 hours and get 18 miles per charge.

The concept might seem a little goofy, but you’ve got to admit, that’s some excellent mileage there. Then again, what do you expect for such a wee little auto? It’s hard to justify big power needs when your ride weighs little more than the driver.

[via gizmag]