Google’s pop-up “store” in New York City won’t actually sell anything, the company told us recently. The Made by Google pop-up will open on October 20 at 96 Sprint Street and will be open through the holiday season.

I had originally inquired about the pop-up “store,” as it has been called in several news stories, to see if I might be able to buy a Google Pixel in person. The phone is either sold out or not shipping for many weeks if bought directly from Google. A spokesperson for Google clarified, however, noting that there won’t be any actual hardware for sale.

That part makes sense, given that Google Home, Google Wifi, the Chromecast Ultra and Google Daydream View aren’t supposed to launch this month anyway. I thought maybe we’d have some luck with the phones, though. At least we’ll be able to demo the new products at the pop-up.

Why this matters:

The lack of an actual storefront seems like a missed opportunity.

Customers who like what they see won’t really be able to order phones online unless Google starts to restock some of the more popular models. Some of the other products are up for pre-order, and no doubt will make great gifts for the holiday season, but why not just sell direct? Maybe the store doesn’t have enough space for inventory, but that’s something Google should change.

All of this begs the question: Now that Google is selling its own products in a more official manner, is it time for the company to open nationwide Google Store locations? I think so.