If you're still clinging onto a Windows Phone 8.1 handset, it might be time to think about upgrading. Microsoft is ending mainstream support for the platform today, July 11, which means it will no longer receive software updates.

Windows Phone 8.1 made its debut just over three years ago, and it hasn't received a significant update since May 2015. You may have believed it was already dead, but believe it or not, Microsoft was still offering support up until today. Now that this has ended, those still using Windows Phone 8.1 devices are out in the cold.

Not only will the platform not get new features, but it will miss out on security patches, too. If attackers discover an exploit that they can take advantage of, Microsoft won't be fixing it. This leaves users vulnerable to future attacks, but it seems unlikely that hackers would target Windows Phone 8.1 now.

The operating system was never really that big in terms of user base, and there will be few people still using Windows Phone 8.1 today. Hackers are much more likely to target more popular platforms where a larger number of users are at risk. This doesn't mean you're completely safe, but the chances of new attacks are slim.

Microsoft's support page suggests it won't be extending support for Windows Phone 8.1. Its focus is now on Windows 10 Mobile, but that has been somewhat neglected in recent months, too.