Facebook vs google plus

A lot has been said about the ongoing Facebook vs. Google+ battle. But more than feature upgrades and usability tweaks, the ultimate factor should really be about user satisfaction. So which one of these social media services actually pleases their userbase the most? Someone's got to be tracking that, right?

Yes, and that someone is the American Customer Satisfaction Index. According to its latest report,  Google+ users are happier with it than Facebook members are. Out of 100 points, Google+ nabbed a score of 78. The reasons cited include the G+ mobile app and integration with other Google services. As for Facebook, the result was a measly 61. (If this was an academic exam, wouldn't that mean it's flunking?) Chief complaints were about Timeline, as well as advertisements — which is interesting, considering the company's interested in experimenting with ads. (Facebook is reportedly checking out a new search-based sponsored advertising tactic.) Twitter and LinkedIn didn't win any fans over its advertising policies either, but at 64 and 63, respectively, they still did better than Facebook.

In fact, most companies did better than Facebook. Of the 20 contenders covered in the e-business segment of ACSI's report this year, it took on the most damage when it came to customer satisfaction. The social network's 66 score last year wasn't so hot as it was, but when it fell another five points below that this year, it dropped Facebook into the bottom five of all 230 companies across ACSI's rankings.

What do you make of these results? Could this be the beginning of a decline for the mammoth social network? And which one of these networks is the one you prefer the most? Weigh in with your own customer satisfaction feedback in the comments.

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