iTether for iPhoneWhen iTether hit the iOS App Store late last year, Apple called shenanigans and promptly pulled it because the app bypassed typical provisioning. How it even managed to slip past the approval process in the first place is beyond us. It’s back, though, and this time it’s not even an app at all. Instead, the developers have created an HTML5-only solution that forgoes the need for a jailbreak or installation of an app.

Essentially, the new iTether solution turns a user’s iPhone (or iPad) into a modem simply by navigating to a specific web page. And because it’s Web-based and not an actual app, there’s nothing Apple can do about it. To elaborate, the solution works by connecting your phone to an ad hoc Wi-Fi network that’s shared with the PC you want to get online. Users then navigate the phone to a specific URL, login to their account, and use a PC-based client to facilitate the data.

There’s an annual cost of $30 attached to the service – or you can get it for $15 per year if you sign up in the next few days. For those who don’t have mobile hotspot included in their data plans, or decided to go with the new iPad on AT&T, this is certainly a nice solution for tethering.

[via The Verge]