Every day, companies are taking greater responsibility for safeguarding their operations and their employees from cyber attacks and data leaks. With the knowledge in this Ultimate Computer Security course bundle, you'll have the background and certification to step into a computer security role — and command a nice salary increase, to boot.

Over seven courses, you'll start with the basics of cyber security that any IT pro needs as you branch out, including ethical hacking, data security, pentesting, and more. Some of the content in this bundle is as follows:

  • CISSP Certification Training – You'll work to earn Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) status, able to identify approaching or ongoing threats, as well as use the controls available to minimize or stop those threats.

  • VoIP Hacking and Penetration Testing – Understand Voice Over IP communication platforms and the tools needed to protect those systems.

  • The Bible of Hacking – Go inside the mind of a black hat cyber-crook to better understand how to you spot vulnerabilities in your IT security and secure them before the bad guys do.

  • Advanced Mobile Application Penetration – Drill yourself with hands-on exercises letting you try out your mobile app hacking skills and gage their security.

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